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National and County Competitions Winter 2019/20

Fixtures to date.

Sun 13th October 2019Egham TrophyDurhamHome & Away
Sat 19th October 2019Denny CupHartlepoolHome & Away
Sun 20th October 2019Top ClubFerryhillHome & Away
Sat 2nd November 2019YettonHartlepoolHome & Away
Tue 5th November 2019O'60 Double RinkThe ParksHome and Away

Durham & District Ladies Triples League

W/C 23rd September 2019League matchDurhamHome
W/C 14th October 2019League matchDarlingtonAway
W/C 11th November 2019League matchByeBye
W/C 25th November 2019League matchFerryhillHome
W/C 15th December 2019League matchStanleyAway
W/C 13th January 2020League matchDurhamAway
W/C 3rd February 2020League matchDarlingtonHome
W/C 24th February 2020League matchByeBye
W/C 16th March 2020League matchFerryhillAway
W/C 6th April 2020League matchStanleyHome

Durham & District Mens Triples League

Thur 26th September 2019League matchDunelmAway
Wed 16th October 2019League matchFerryhillHome
Thur 14th November 2019League matchDarlingtonAway
Wed 18th December 2019League matchDurhamHome
Wed 15th January 2010League matchDunelmHome
Wed 5th February 2020League matchFerryhillAway
Wed 26th February 2020League matchDarlingtonHome
Thur 9th April 2020League matchDurhamAway

Durham County Inter Club Mens League Division A

Sun 6th October 2019League matchDurhamHome & Away
Sun 10th November 2019League matchStanleyHome & Away
Sun 8th December 2019League matchGateshead BHome & Away
Sun 12th January 2020League matchHoughtonHome & Away
Sun 1st March 2020League matchHartlepoolHome & Away
Sun 29th March 2020League matchFerryhillHome & Away

Durham County Inter Club Ladies League

Wed 25th September 2019League matchByeHome & Away
Wed 9th October 2019League matchDurhamHome & Away
Wed 13th November 2019League matchSouth ShieldsHome & Away
Wed 11th December 2019League matchGatesheadHome & Away
Wed 15th January 2020League matchHartlepoolHome & Away
Wed 12th February 2020League matchHoughtonHome & Away
Wed 11th March 2020League matchDarlingtonHome & Away

Durham County Inter Club Senior Mens League Area 1

Week Com 9th Sept 2019League matchByeBye>
Week Com 23rd Sept 2019League matchShildonAway
Week Com 7th Oct 2019League matchDurham AAway
Week Com 4th Nov 2019League matchDarlington AHome
Week Com 2nd Dec 2019League matchShildonHome
Week Com 6th Jan 2020League matchByeBye
Week Com 20th Jan 2020League matchDurham AHome
Week Com 17th Feb 2020League matchDarlington AAway